CheckSession always returns error

vuejs single page application
auth0-js: 9.12.2


domain: authConfig.domain,

clientID: authConfig.clientId,

redirectUri: ${window.location.origin}/callback,

audience: authConfig.audience,

responseType: “token id_token”,

scope: “openid profile email full_access”

We use facebook-connection to sing users in.

Since a couple of days, checksession function started to return an errror.
here is the error message:

“original”: {
“error”: “login_required”,
“error_description”: “Login required”
“code”: “login_required”,
“description”: “Login required”,
“error”: “login_required”,
“error_description”: “Login required”

before now, every thing worked fine. I could refresh the page and still have valid session with auth0, but now every time I refresh the page I have to sing in again.

Hi @iyadshami, the most common reason for the error is that the user’s Auth0 session has ended, which means they will have to re-login. What happens when you trigger a regular Auth0 login instead of checkSession? Does it prompt the user to login or come back with tokens automatically? If it’s the former, the session has ended.

I could refresh the page and still have valid session with auth0

If you do an interactive login and then call checkSession afterwards, does it return login_required? If you do, can you DM me a HAR file during the full flow (interactive login followed by checkSession). Instructions are at