Check validity of password reset ticket


I’m currently using api/v2/tickets/password-change in my app to get password reset ticket for a user (and expiry date set as well).

Is there any way to check if the issued ticket is valid/invalid? The reason I have to do that is because some users might request us to resend the password reset url. Because of the business process we have, we don’t want to issue another ticket unless the first generated one is expired or invalidated.


Hi @shuhei.nakahodo !

I don’t know of any way to check if the link is valid. I suggest instead just generating a new link for the user. In my tests, generating a new link invalidated the old one. You should test for yourself to confirm my findings.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

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Thanks for the response Thomas.

There is a necessity for us to check the expiry (long story short) but since that seems impossible I will seek other approach e.g. only trust the most recently generated ticket.

Cheers, thanks for the help.

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Sure! Let us know if you have any other questions down the road!