Check session function giving timeout error

We are facing a strange issue.We have a SPA in which we are using checksessions to get the refresh token.For Past few days we are seeing the function return

error: “timeout” error_description: "Timeout during executing web_message communication

we don’t know what has changed or what is the reason.

Can you please check.

@jmangelo can you please help us over here.Our production is also impacted because of this.


I think that can occur for more than one reason, in other words, it can be a real timeout due to the check session call taking so long (check session executes rules so if you have rules misbehaving this could explain the situation).

It can also be that check session itself is completing in time, but the javascript logic that is responsible to post the message to the parent window fails in some way so the parent never receives a message and interprets that as a timeout.

You should check the network traffic to see if there are calls taking longer than expected and also the browser console to see if there’s any Javascript errors. Also, these are two possible causes, but it does mean it’s one of these for sure.

we checked and found that it is due to xframe header set to deny from reverse proxy which was causing the issue.

but after fixing that we saw one more issue
that check session is failing after 40 minutes with message login_required.

I need to clarify one more thing,

whether this setting will fail checksession if i do it after 5 minutes.If yes kindly mention in the documentation also.that this tenant specific setting might be the reason behind this error ‘login_required’

Yes, that setting controls the lifetime of the session and as such a silent authentication request (check session) will fail if it’s performed after the termination of the session due to the value in that setting. I can let the documentation team know about this so that they can review how best to make this more clear.