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checkSession timing out even though call to "authorize..." is successfull


I am trying to use the checkSession method to create a session after the user has logged in to a different site on my domain (which is also using Auth0). Before I fixed somethings with the Auth0 configuration, I could see that I was getting an error in the network log about an incorrect callback url. Even when I saw this, though, all I got from the callback was a timeout err. Now we fixed the configuration and I can see that the authorize call has succeeded but it still times out. I don’t see anything obvious in the console log and honestly not sure what I am looking for since the call succeeded. I have tried all sorts of combination of options but nothing. I know in older versions you had to write code to actually call postmessage back to the parent. I don’t see any reference to that in the documentation anymore and there is a sample that uses this method similar to me and I see no calls to postMessage… Do I need to implement anything in the callback page to handle this silent SSO? Thanks! PS: I am testing in Chrome and using the 9.5.1 version of the SDK from my React based app.