Help - "checkSession" function take 10+ seconds to execute

Hello all,

Setting up Auth0 in my app for the first time and for the most part, things have been pretty seamless. I’ve been using this tutorial to set things up: How to Secure GatsbyJS Sites with Auth0 for Authentication.

However, my problem arises when I set up silent auth. When I call the checkSession method on the WebAuth object, the call takes over 10 seconds to complete, blocking the rest of my website from rendering while it completes.

I followed the suggestions on this thread: Check session function giving timeout error, but to no avail. My network requests appear to be fine (none taking longer than they should), and my console isn’t throwing any errors, so I’m at a loss.

Can someone tell me what I should check next? I’m working with a vanilla application.


Usually best to create and analyze a HAR file, see where the bottle neck is. But you mention that you checked the network already.

(Don’t include any sensitive information in the har in case you put that up in public).

Maybe some Javascript blocking something? Did you check the Performance / JS analyzer?

Did you try with a plain vanilla quickstart app from our Quickstart section, see if you get the same issue there? Or is that already what your current app is based on?