Check if IP Address is blocked

I converted ipv4 from “blocked_for” IP address for check ip address if blocked action. but i got this response.

Is that correct or where i need to find my ip address for complete this action ?

“statusCode”: 404,
“error”: “Not Found”,
“message”: “Not Found”

Hi @ashok.k,
That’s correct! According to the Management API Documentation a 404 status code as a response means “IP address specified is not currently blocked”.
Best regards,

Jorge Nicolau

Hi @jorgenrique,
Yes, 404 response is IP address not currently blocked. but in our case, it shown the IP address into the “blocked_for” property.
Please give me the solution to resolve this.

I see @ashok.k,
I think you could need another type of validation. Just to confirm, where did you set this IP as “blocked_for”?

Hai @jorgenrique,

When the user 10 times failed user login, then i got this
“blocked_for”: [
“identifier”: “”,
“connection”: “Username-Password-Authentication”,
“ip”: “2409:4072:10c:3241:3174:29ac:a1cf:aa0c”
“identifier”: “”,
“connection”: “Username-Password-Authentication”,
“ip”: “2409:4072:6d01:298:ccb4:3494:a3c7:a59”
so, this IP address i used & converted into ipv4 and i used for this api


suppose this is not a right way to get IP address. please let me know where i need to get

Hi @ashok.k,
I see the problem–you’ve got the blocked_for in ipv6 (2409:4072:10c:3241:3174:29ac:a1cf:aa0c) and then test with its equivalent ipv4( Just to check if ipv4 and ipv6 are treated as different block entries, did you try to check the blocked IP in ipv6 format?

Hi @jorgenrique,
Thank you for you quick responses.
this is the exact result when i used the direct IP address (ipv6)
api :
response: {
“statusCode”: 400,
“error”: “Bad Request”,
“message”: “Path validation error: ‘Object didn’t pass validation for format ipv4: 2409:4072:6d01:298:ccb4:3494:a3c7:a59’ on property id (IP address to check).”,
“errorCode”: “invalid_uri”
that’s why i converted ipv4.