Changing password using management API


I am using the .NET Management Library and when I try to set a user’s password to one that breaks the connection’s password rules, it appears to not throw an error.

Is this by design as it appears to be a bug to me?

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It sounds like an issue, although in order to have a more definitive answer you should clarify the exact policy you are using as well as an example password that demonstrates the issue.

It turns out that there was a confusion in the Auth0 Dashboard UI - the password strength level “Special characters (!@#$%^&*)” does not actually mean that the password must have special characters in it.

Rather it means that it must have 3 of the following 4: uppercase, lowercase, number and special characters.

This meant I was about to use passwords such as “TrucChuSpear20” even though it does not have a special character.


Thanks for clarifying the situation.

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