Change text value position of change password

Hi, i follow this link and use this to change the text.
However, I met one case that if you change the text to my language. The position “%d” will need to be change.
For example:
When I set:

dict: {
     passwordStrength: {
       containsAtLeast: "Contain at least %d of the following %d types of characters:",

In english (default) : Contain at least 3 of the following 4 types of characters:
In my language: … 3 … 4.

The 3 and 4’s position need to be changed in order to make the sentence has the right meaning in my language.
How to solve this. Help me.

Hi @minh.nguyen1 ,

Do you want to remove %d from dict.passwordStrength.containsAtLeast or have a way to update the 3 and 4 generated by %d?

Could you please tell me to what sentence you want it to be updated?