Change primary user during post-login action results in Unauthorized for passwordless sms journey

Hi team,

I was wondering if it was possible to “change” the primary user during a post-login action and still authorize the user correctly.

I need this for a passwordless sms journey. As the customer tries to log in using the passwordless sms I have created an action to fetch the primary profile (email) and then link it with the secondary profile (sms) and then it should switch to the profile and continue further.

Currently, it leads to unauthorized. I was able to achieve this successfully before in auth0 rules. While migrating that rule to action I am not able to achieve the same results.

Is this unsupported or is there some other way to do it?

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Mohit Singh

Hi @mohit.singh1

Thanks for contacting Auth0 Community.

Currently Actions does not support account linking but this gap will be filled before Rules are deprecated in November 2024. Based on the information right now I believe we are looking at FY24 Q3 for account linking support to become available.

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