Linking passwordless email identity to primary identity

We are trying to achieve behaviour like this:

  1. User exists in a database connection
  2. User orders a passwordless code to login with
  3. User enters correct code and logs in with the email connection identity
  4. Auth0 creates a new user to the email connection with
  5. We link the email identity to the primary user identity
  6. When login completes (actions / rules / hooks executed) the access token should have the primary identity user id as sub

The only part which we cannot figure out is the step 6. The login flow completes with the email connection users id in the sub.

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Hi @mhautala

Welcome to the Auth0 Community.

Currently linking accounts using Actions is not supported. It is one of the limitations while working with Actions, please see here Actions Limitations. As a result, attempts to implement account linking at this time may produce unexpected results.

There are two different recommended ways for implementing account linking:

  • User-initiated account linking: allow your users to link their accounts using an admin screen in your app.
  • Suggested account linking: identify accounts with the same email address and prompt the user in your app to link them.
    More information about Account Linking can be found here: User Account Linking

Support for account linking via Actions is on our roadmap I believe for FY24.

Warm regards.

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