Change email address domain for Tenant Members when using Google SSO

Problem statement

Soon, we will have to change our domain name (email domain), and we were wondering how we can do that when the time comes since we’re using Google SSO for tenant members to log in, and there isn’t an option to update the email address of an account.


If the tenant members change their email addresses and lose access to their old Google accounts associated with their Auth0 account, they will not be able to log in to the Dashboard and access the tenants with these accounts anymore (this is the case when the users use the “Continue with Google” button to log in).

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the email address associated with an Auth0 account. In this case, the recommended action is to reinvite all tenant members with their new email addresses and remove the old accounts from the tenant members list, as indicated in this documentation: Update Dashboard User Email Addresses.

If all the current administrators’ accounts will lose access at that moment, what you can do is create in advance an account that logs in with email/password and add it as administrator to the tenants so that, when the time comes, this admin can reinvite all members with their new email domains/Google accounts (Add Tenant Members).