Change Account Domain


We’ve recently changed the name of our company.

When we signed up with Auth0 we used our old company name. This means that when we send a password reset email, our old company domain appears.

Is there anyway for Auth0 to change our company name? We’d rather not create a new account as we’d need to redevelop everything as it all refers to ClientId and Secrets.


If you want to just change the company name displayed, you can change it in the Settings section of the Account Settings( page.

But, if you want to change the url of your Auth0 account (e.g., according to (Data Export and Transfer Policy) not even Auth0 can do it. However, you can create a new account and using Management API (Auth0 Management API v2) and use extensions(like User Import / Export Extension) to move all your configurations and users to the new account.

This is highly inconvenient. I want to be able to change my account domain.

Is there any chance of making it easier?

Unfortunally, at the moment, there is not an easier way for this. Since is not possible to rename a tenant, the available option is to manually migrate your data to a new account.

Change your account domain (the tenant name) is one of Auth0’s Unsupported Requests:

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