CERT_HAS_EXPIRED error after login to our app

Hi, we recently updated our SSL certificate for our app and that works fine now. But we are getting a CERT_HAS_EXPIRED error from Auth0 side after logging in. I am able to successfully login, but after that when we talk to Auth0, it throws this CERT error. I saw one of the old posts that mentions updating node version on Auth0, I did that and that didnt help. Any idea what might be the problem here? Thanks.

Hi @inferlink,

Have you seen this FAQ? Let me know if that doesn’t help and we can worth through a solution.

Thank you @dan.woda. That was very helpful. I could figure out a way to fix it. How recent is the change made by the CA used by Auth0? And if you don’t mind, I do have more questions just so I understand the workflow better here. Does Auth0 receive all the certificates in the client’s trust store which in our case is node? And then Auth0 tries to verify the validity of all the root certificates it gets from node? Is that how this works? I am assuming all of this is separate from the SSL certificate we have for our web app site, is that correct?

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