Capacitor mobile app integration

Using the Quasar Framework, I created a PWA with Auth0 integration. Now I’m creating a Capacitor-based mobile application from the PWA, but Auth0 fails with a “auth0-spa-js must run on a secure origin” error. Although I see Auth0 documentation for Cordova integration, I don’t see anything for Capacitor…and what little community support I see takes the form of Ionic or direct API calls. There are one or two poorly supported NPM packages out in the wild that appear to bridge this gap, but they don’t look particularly promising.

Can anyone assist? Many thanks.

Let me ask this way, has anyone successfully hooked up Auth0 with Capacitor? If so, what was your approach?

I have the exact same problem. I’ve been able to get past the secure origin issue.
After that auth0 makes chrome browser to handle the authentication.
Which switches from the app to chrome.
Doesn’t get back to the app after authentication, but continues on the chrome browser instead :confused:.
To make it get back to the app, I’ve tried using intent-filter, which gives a pop up asking to continue on browser or the app this time.

But still choosing browser works fine and choosing app gives a blank screen.
This guy seems to have gotten past this redirection issue too. How to prevent First Party App Consent when using Auth0 + Ionic + Capacitor
Although he’s using iconic I can see that the problem is same and might work for me.

Let me know if you intend to continue with Quasar Capacitor and I’ll tell you what I did to get past the secure origin error.