Capacitor and Auth0js

Hello ,
I transform my pwa to application with capacitor framework. I use auth0.js , for my pwa , with no problems.
WIth capacitor I add
“server”: {
“iosScheme”: “https”,
“androidScheme”: “https”
in capacitor.config.json , I can authorize , but the callback not working ,
because i don’t know which url is correct.

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Hi there @nseb,

If you’re leveraging Ionic 4 with Capacitor we have a quickstart that may help shed some light on this front found below:

Specifically this section may help you in your challenge:

To be able to make requests from your application to Auth0. Set the following origins in your Application Settings.

http://localhost, ionic://localhost, http://localhost:8100

the origins http://localhost and ionic://localhost are needed for Android and iOS respectively, and http://localhost:8100 is needed you’re running your application with livereaload option.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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Hi @James.Morrison , I resolved the first problem with deeplink in Android and Google , but the there is many problems for auth0-spa.js to manage callback from deeplink , and The silent token not working.
I tried to fork to update your Librairies

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Can you share a bit more details on this front? Have you created a Github issue related to this on the SDK? Thanks.

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