Can't select relevant tags in my community posts

When creating posts I am unable to select relevant tags and have a short list of tags I can select from.
For example I posted and am unable to add tags I see on other posts like access-token, roles, rbac, etc.

Please help!

Hey @darrenk ,

I can also see these tags have been available for the “Help” category of topics before. I will check this further and possibly add the missing tags.

Please let me know if you have any other questions on that in the meantime :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @darrenk - a tag hierarchy must be followed to select granular tags - for example roles one will be available to add only once a parent tag management-api is selected.

We found two ways of doing so, and let’s explain that on a roles tag example :+1::

a) On the main page, please click “Tags” button and select roles:

b)You will notice that topics with role tags also have the management-api tag. Thus, when creating a new topic, first, we would select the management-api, and as a result, the roles tag will appear on the drop-down menu.

Another way of creating a topic with a roles tag is to repeat step a) and then click the ‘New Topic’ button.

As a result, the roles tag will be pre-selected, and once we post the topic, a parent tag will be added automatically.

We can see this may not be a convenient and efficient way of creating a new topic, but I hope this guidance is helpful before any moderation for that on our side happens. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m still stuck.
I’d like to create a new Help topic with tags: oauth2, scopes
On the main page, I click “Tags” button and select “scopes”, then “New Topic”.
“scopes” appears in the new topic dialog but searching for “oauth2” there gives no results.

I’m sorry for the friction ( I just reproduced the issue) -

In this case, please select the “” category (instead of “Help”). From there, you can select both tags: oauth2, scopes.

Please let me know if that worked for you or share your thoughts on the experience - will look to improve.

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