How to Get Roles

As usual, I am completely flummoxed by the documentation and complexity of the system.

I am trying to access the Roles (core)… anywhere. It never gets to the bearer token, despite my custom rules. It is not returned through the RBAC setting on the api. I can’t list using the list_roles endpoint, because it says I don’t have read:roles permission in the scope even though I do…

What must I do?

Hi @dbinetti,

Sorry to hear you are running into trouble!

There is an example in this doc that shows how to add user roles to tokens. Take note that the user’s roles exists in context.authorization.roles when being referenced in rules. It can often be a blocker.

Please let me know if you have further questions or would like to discuss another method of obtaining user roles.


Thank you – that fixed it!

Also, thanks for the quick reply. Historically responsiveness from you guys has been less than ideal; glad to see that is changing for the better.

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It is definitely something we are constantly working to improve! Glad you got it working.


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