Can't login to Auth0 account with SMS code verification

I have a problem with login to my Auth0 account. It appeared yesterday and I still can’t manage it. I’m using Google authentication method (my Google account is connected with Auth0) and when I’m choosing this way the message appears saying that 6-digit code which I have to enter on form has been sent to my phone number. Unfortunately, I don’t get any text message with that code. I’ve been trying many times since yesterday but it doesn’t help. I’m sure my phone number is correct. Even if SMS code is sent it couldn’t reach my phone.
What could I do to solve this problem? Is there any problem with my account?
Could you help me, please?

Hi @amatecki ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I checked your email from the backend. In the past, you logged in with your GitHub account, but your recent logins were with username/password and Google account.

Could you try to log in with GitHub and let us know if you observe the same issue?


Thank you for feedback.
I’ve just tried to login with my GitHub account and now I’m not getting SMS code request but instead the welcome page with “Create account” button is appearing. I already have an Auth0 account and I still can’t log into it. :worried:

Thank you for the updates. In that case, we need to do an MFA reset for your account. Please write a direct message to @support and we will continue assisting you from there. Thanks!

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