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Cannot set nickname with user import job


We have an admin dashboard at my work where we allow admins to upload a list of new users in a CSV file. The file is transformed into JSON, sent to our API, which then saves the JSON as a file and starts the Auth0 user import job. The structure we’re sending to Auth0 is as follows:

  nickname: user.username,
  password: user.password,
  username: user.username,
  user_metadata: {

Everything is set correctly in Auth0 with the exception of the user’s nickname. The user’s nickname is set to the first part of the email (if the user’s email is, the nickname is set to support). Is there a way to set the nickname using this endpoint?


Since the nickname on a user is not patch-able, the only workaround I can think of is to create the user with an incorrect email so that the nickname is correct, and then patch the user with the correct email. This is sub-optimal, and I would be glad to hear if there’s a solution that is built-in.