Cannot enable refresh token - options are disabled

I’m experiencing the same issue described here: Refresh Token Behaviour Disabled

The refresh token options are disabled.

  • I have the Refresh Token grant type enabled
  • Same issue on both regular web application and machine-to-machine
  • Seeing the issue across all of my tenants

Any ideas?

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Welcome to our Community.

From that post you shared, it could be that the Legacy grants that are turned on could be blocking the Refresh token rotation. Can you try to uncheck those ones?

Also, make sure to select the adequate “type” of application on your app settings.

I hope that helps!


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Thanks for the reply @lucas.sonich!

I have all non-legacy grant types checked and an application type set but I’m still seeing the options disabled.

Received a reply from support and we figured it out.

I didn’t have the OIDC Conformant flag enabled for the app as described here:

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Thanks for posting your solution!

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