Cannot delete Rules-config with @


With the Management dashboard Or the Management API V2, rule-config with ‘@’ in the key name can be created.


  • it cannot be deleted : Path validation error: 'String does not match pattern [1]* …
  • it makes the rule system fail (tryout “ERROR: cipher_text.split is not a function”).

I tried removing by API too, same error.

  1. A-Za-z0-9_- ↩︎

:wave: @MathieuFZ You should not have been able to create a Rule with an invalid name (namely with an “@” symbol). I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. You are correct in that the Rule name cannot contain a “@” symbol. It can only contain alphanumeric characters, spaces and ‘-’ (but cannot start nor end with a ‘-’ or spaces). Could you please DM me your tenant name so that we can investigate further and get that Rule removed?

It’s good to have news :slight_smile: My tenant is “firenz” in EU.

I hope the creation miss-validation will be fixed to prevent this (FYI, the rules config was pre-filled with my chrome auto-login plugin (Bitwarden)).


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