Cannot delete an Action in the Dashboard

Hello. There seems to have a bug in the Auth0 dashboard. While I was able to remove all desired Actions, it seems that I cannot delete one Action in the Library tab. Upon typing the name of the action in the “Are you absolutely sure?” prompt correctly, the button refuses to enable. Modifying the html manually to enable button press does not work either. There are no console log errors either. What should I do?

Also, the Action is not deployed or appears in any of the triggers/flows.

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Nvm I used the Managemenr API here to remove the action in question. However, this does not solve the issue with the dashboard not working for deleting actions.

Hey there @greffgreff welcome to the community, glad you were able to get this sorted!

I took a quick look at your tenant and don’t see anything out of the ordinary so not entirely sure what could be happening there :thinking: Let us know if you run into any other issues.


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