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Cannot create users for client



I have a client (X) and two connections (A & B). When I look at Clients -> X -> Connections, I can see both A and B are enabled. When I look at Connections -> Database -> A or B -> Clients, I can see X.

However, when I create a user in A and try to login to X, it says “Wrong username/password”, but when I create a user in B and try to login, it works. As far as I can tell, there is no difference between the connections.

Any ideas or need any more information from me?

Thanks in advance!


How are you creating the users? As a note, if you are using the Password grant exchanges without specifying a connection/realm, Auth0 will use the Default Directory (connection) set in the Account Settings:


I am creating the users directly on the website (with the +Create User button). I am not sure what you mean about Password grant exchanges


@blubberbo thanks for clarifying. I’m assuming you choose the connection when creating the user. Can you describe you are handling the login in your app? Are you using Lock? What configuration and connections are you using? Feel free to update your question with code samples.