Cannot create multiple users with same email ID


I have a requirement where multiple users need to be created with a same email address for one of the applications of state government

Hi @satya.damodhar

How do you tell which user is logging in? I am assuming it is a username instead of an email address.

You can do this, but it is a fair amount of work and has drawbacks.

The main drawback is that email is used for password reset, and if users share an email, they can reset each others’ passwords.

Basically, you enable username on the connection, and when you create a user, set their email address to something like and the guarantees it will be unique. Then if you need to send an email, you’ll have to strip that guid off. This means the built-in Auth0 email functionality won’t work.

Really, I don’t recommend doing this, but if you must, this should get you started.



Thanks @john.gateley for helping on this one!


Hi John,

Thanks a lot for your quick response.

Yeah I understand that this is not industry standard recommended approach.

Considering the outback councils. We have a use case where 1 person will work for multiple councils as consultant as application assessor.

So that consultant have one email for him and have multiple login id’s for each council he work for.

Also, I agree that for one application there should be 1 login for one person and after login they can list his roles to choose and enter into application. But unfortunately its not the way.

And now I am almost done with the POC work using Auth0 it works for most of our requirements. Just this issue I have identified recently.

Once we are done with it we want to by premium support subscription for south australis state government.

Could you please help to share bit detailed steps to achieve this


Satya Damodhar A
Sr IT Consultant
Planning & Land Use Services | Attorney-General’s Department

Hi @satya.damodhar

This sounds complex to me, I don’t know how many connections (one per council? one for everything) there are. You can do duplicate emails if you have multiple connections. I’d need a lot more info to give good advice, not something that is easily done in a forum.

This sounds like you’d benefit from Auth0 professional services: Auth0 Professional Services


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I have a suggestion that might simplify things.
You can use the same email address multiple and only add + and some key after it in the user fields.
All will count as different users and all communications will reach the same inbox


Thanks for sharing that @amira !

this should work mate… let me try…

i am sure this will work for gmail accounts not sure if consultants have their own down like

will and will work or not.