Can you sign in a passwordless user serverside, using only their email?

We are sending transactional emails to our users, with links to our SPA. If the user is not logged into our app, and clicks on a link he needs to go trough our sign-in flow (passwordless email).

Would it be possible to generate a token serverside, provide it in the links in the email, so the user is automatically signed in when clicking on the link?

Hey there @alexab, after researching this subject I found that it is not actually possible to generate a token server side and pair it in a email via a link and have a new user sign in automatically. However if this is a feature you would like to see implemented into the future, please visit where our product team takes these requests and evaluates them individually to help plan out our product roadmap moving forward. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this front as I am happy to help!

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Hi @James.Morrison - thanks for your answer. I have submitted this as feedback. When you think about it, it’s actually really stupid to ask users to log-in with their email - when you just sent them an email :face_with_monocle: I feel this is something Auth0 should help provide as an authentication partner - it’s important usability.

Thank you Alexb for sharing your feedback!

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