Can you explain how authorization works in my case?

can you explain how authorization works in my case?

case: Our application has workspaces and Openings.
each user can has multiple workspaces and openings.

when user wants to get in to a workspace, the user have to be invited to the workspace.
once the user invited to the workspace, the user can access the workspace.
opening auth logics are almost same with workspace auth logics.

there are “Authority” concepts to both workspace and opening.

so we need dynamic authorization logic like “get opening1 list”(when user1 is in opening1)
but what i can see in auth0 applicant is only Universal “ROLE” thing like “get Opening”
we need like this

  • one user is logged in to our application with role like (workspace1 general, opening1 manager, opening2 general)
  • the user is invited to opening3 with manager authority
  • now the user can access to opening3 with role like(workspace 1 general, opening1 manager, opening2 general, opening3 manager)

Hello @junkwon,

Welcome to the Community. You probably want to check out a fine-grained authorization framework like Open Policy Agent or Auth0’s own FGA-as-a-Service offering.



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