Can we send different email for re-invitation?

We are doing some internal migration and therefore we need to resend invitation emails to some users. We have a template for invitation email but sending the same in case of re-inviting the users will look odd and chances are users might not even open the email.

So is it possible to change the email template for re-inviting user? Or is there some better way to handle such a scenario?

Hey there!

That’s a very interesting usecase. I think unfortunately that we do not cover that and there isn’t a perfect way to accomplish it right now but the only reasonable is the one you mentioned so resending the already existing one again to those people.

I know it can lead to some misunderstanding but at the same time if you adjust the template the news users will think that there’s something strange going on.

What I would also encourage you to do is to create a feedback card regarding that using our Feedback category here:

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