Can login with GitHub but not Twitter or Google

Having many issues trying to allow my users to login with Twitter and Google.

For context:

  • I have a web app running Nuxt using the Auth module and configured to use Auth0
  • I have enabled Universal login with the following social connections: Github, Twitter, Google, and plain Email/Password
  • I have followed each tutorial and could not make Twitter and Google work. GitHub works just fine.

When trying to login to Twitter I get this error:

Error: access_denied
Error Description: InternalOAuthError: Could not authenticate you

For Google I get:

Error: invalid_request
Error Description: Unauthorized

Any help?

Thank you in advanced.

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Hey there @hrio!

Can I ask you to raise this issue in our Nuxt.js repo so that to handle that most effectively with tool maintainers? Once you have it, please share the link here so I can ping repo maintainers about that! Thanks!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my previous message?

Sorry for the delayed response. Which repo is that exactly? Searching “Nuxt” in Auth0 GitHub doesn’t bring a repo. I see a few example repos in the Nuxt GitHub account, but I don’t think that’s what you mean. Can you give me a link? I’ll open a ticket there. Thanks!

As far as I can see it’s maintained by Nuxt Community here:

I have opened up a new ticket here: - This website is for sale! - cmty Resources and Information.


Thanks a lot for that!

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