Can I skip "Last time you logged in with" in Auth0LockPasswordless?

Hello Auth0 Community! This is my first post for this community.

Currently, I’m trying to implement passwordless login with SMS using “lock.Auth0LockPasswordless”.
Almost all features are work sane for me, but if I can find a way to skip “Last time you logged in with” screen it will be more fit with our ideal spec.

Are there any options to skip the screen? If we can transition to “Enter your phone to sign in or create an account” screen, it will be great for me.

Best, Shin

Hi @shin!

Welcome to the Auth0 Community, we’re happy to have you! Are you using the Classic or New Universal Login with Lock(passwordless) for ? If you can tell me the steps you took to set up your passwordless SMS I’ll be happy to try and reproduce your environment and look into the possibility of removing ‘remember last login’ from your flow.


Hey Colin, thank you for your kind response!

You are right, “remember last login” was the key. Setting “rememberLastLogin: false” worked my code as I expected.

Additionally say, I’m using “auth0-lock” and my code is like below.

const lock = require("auth0-lock");
options = {
  closable: false,
  autoclose: true,
  rememberLastLogin: false, // <- It helped me!
  auth: {
    redirectUrl: "",
    responseType: "token"
return new lock.Auth0LockPasswordless(

Thank you again!


Glad you have it working @shin with help of @colin.coutts knowledge!

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