Passwordless SMS Login Always states: "Enter the 6-digit code" -- regardless of how many digits are configured

  1. Enable SMS Passwordless Connections
  2. Change the OTP Length to 4
  3. The Auth0 Lock prompt will read “Enter the 6-digit code”, when it should be

Hi @mpekar

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By going to the Branding → Universal Login → Advanced Options → Custom Text you can change the prompts.

The one you want to change is in the Prompt → phone-identifier-challangeplaceholder


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That worked, thx!

I think a note on this in the SMS admin screen would be beneficial as it’s definitely something that should be changed as part of modifying the length.

Or perhaps adding the length to a variable that could be referenced the same way as ${companyName}, e.g.:

Enter the ${otpLength}-digit code

There were two other keys that I needed to modify.

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