Can I change the email associated with my social account?

Problem statement

I am currently using Auth0 login for my website and have encountered an issue. Specifically, I have noticed that when using OTP login with an email ID, it allows for changing the email associated with the account., however, when logging in with a social account, it does not seem possible to change the associated email.

Given this issue, I am reaching out to kindly request your assistance. Could you please suggest a solution for how I can change the email associated with my social account? Any guidance you could provide on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the user’s email address through your application when they authenticate using a social connection. In this scenario, the user identity is provided by a third party (e.g. Google, Facebook etc.), and changes to their email address via Auth0 are not supported at this time.

If a user needs to update their email address for an account connected using a social Identity Provider, they will need to navigate to their provider portal, where they can manage these details from their account.