Add email to a user who signed in with a social login that does not supply email address

I’ve spent the last few days building out my implementation of auth0 in my app, and one of the social logins, which I created an integration for specially, and must be available, doesn’t supply email addresses - I thought this would be an easy fix and continued on building everything (I did try about a million different search terms to try and find a way for auth0 to allow me to tag on an email through the universal login, but no luck there).

With the flexibility that seems so widely touted on the docs - I can’t find any way to add an email to this user. The social login provider does not provide an email, so I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to put one on myself, and it’s my own integration, with the custom callback code, so the handling there should be my responsibility anyway. But still, after hours working on integrating properly with the management API to send an update request for that user, I get the message that I’m not allowed to change their email. I tried setting it to an empty string, “” in the login script, still can’t. Yes I can add it to their user metadata, but then can I use auth0’s email verification? It doesn’t look like it. This is ridiculous - coming from having control over my own users and their data, it feels more like auth0 is holding them hostage and deciding what I can and can’t do with their data.

Hi @admin71,

Thanks for the write up and feedback.

Generally, the identity provider is in control of the user’s root profile attributes, which may explain why you aren’t able to add an email directly (on the other hand, it may be a feature gap, or it’s possible and we just need to figure it out :smile: ).

I can try to see if I can get it working. Can you please share some info on how you’ve integrated with the social identity provider? (what type of connection you are using, any other relevant non-sensitive data or settings)

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