Calls to Auth0 api management client are throwing HttpRequestExceptions

I set up Auth0 for my identity on a personal project while I play around with it and see how it functions. I managed to get everything working and took a break for a couple weeks to take care of some other stuff and now, any calls I make to the management api throw HttpRequestExceptions. The message specifically says: “No such host is known. (https:443)”. I didn’t change any of my Auth0 code and I’m still working on the same computer, in the same location, and I am connected to the same network. Can anyone help me to understand what is going on?

I’ve seen several people talk about HttpClients, however I don’t have any explicitly written in my project and it worked for a little while when I had first added Auth0 to my project, so I don’t understand what that would change. Firewall issues was another thing I read about, but I’ve been developing on the same computer and haven’t had this issue before.

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It appears this error occurs when you application can’t do a DNS lookup of the host.

Did you see the solution outlined here:

Hello, sorry about the late reply. I am currently testing on my local machine and I am not using any server which is why I’ve been confused. I looked through the link provided, however that doesn’t work for me since I am running everything locally and my computer has internet.

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Regardless of how you are hosting your app (local or not), your call to the management API will require a DNS lookup. This isn’t something you typically control, it is usually automatically handled by your machine.

Any time you call a URL it is matched to an IP address via a DNS lookup. The error is suggesting that the host isn’t known, i.e. the DNS server can’t match the URL to an IP.

This is most likely a configuration issue on your machine/network and doesn’t have anything to do with Auth0.

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