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Calling "Create a password change ticket" API on a newly created user yields a 404


I’m implementing an invitation workflow, since for some baffling reason Auth0 doesn’t support having email verification emails redirect to password change…

I’m successfully creating a User in Auth0, but when I then take the user_id from that record and pass it to “Create a password change ticket”, it returns a 404 saying it can’t find the user.

When testing in the API Explorer, the same request works fine.

I even tried adding in a 5 second wait between creating the user (and saving their user_id in my local DB) and making the second API call… no joy.


So it turns out the problem was it was a legitimate 404… because I had a trailing / on the URL I was posting to.

This isn’t helped by the API docs never showing the full URL path… just a truncated form “/api/v2/tickets/password-chan…”

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