Callback and Logout URL in Delegated Admin Dashboard Extension

Hi there,

Looking for answers to below questions related to Delegated Admin Dashboard Extension:

  1. I am using the Application callback URL of the application bind with Delegated Admin Extension as per the docs(, however when accessing the Dashboard by putting the same callback URL in browser i am getting a white screen.
    Alternatively, to my surprise when i am adding “/login” at the end of the same URL as in docs( i am able to access the dashboard extension successfully through the browser.
    I would like to know the cause/reason behind it to be sure as to which is correct and should be used as the callback URL in the App tied to the Dashboard (the one given in doc or the one with /login added i.e.,**/login**)

The reason behind asking this is even if i keep the callback url as i need to enter the url in browser as only (without /login) to access the dashboard.

Question 2: What should be the logout URL for the App in the DAE?

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Aafreen Khan

Hi @Aafreen_Khan,

It looks like this may have been addressed in your other thread. Let me know if I am mistaken.

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