Call a Protected API from a .NET MAUI App

Learn how to call a protected API from your .NET MAUI application.
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The client app breaks big time when attempting to run on an Android Emulator. The SSL certificate isn’t valid: Trust anchor for certification path not found

I’ve spent over a day trying to find a solution that doesn’t lead to more problems. Any advice would be appreciated.

I ended up configuring the client to use http for local debugging only by following this documentation.

I would be curious to know if anyone comes up with a solution for debugging with https on an Android emulator in the context of this solution.

Hey @RossB,
Welcome to the Auth0 Community and happy to learn you managed to set up your Android environment.
By the way, that document was mentioned in the article :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not a mobile developer so I’m afraid I can’t help on this.
Doesn’t the same document help on this point? :thinking:

It does, but I’m not sure if it works with your HttpClient workaround solution (I think this is the article where you do that?).

I’ve been scouring all of your Blazor/Maui articles recently and my head is in a blur. I’d have to review to remember exactly why https wasn’t working for me initially. Thank you very much for this project setup series, though!

You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for this great walkthrough! I was struggling with this a few weeks ago on a side-project and after leaving it for a bit and coming back I found this article and it solved my problem!

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Glad to have helped you, and thank you for sharing this awesome feedback! :tada: