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C# PasswordlessEmailRequest with scope token id_token has no state/nonce params



I’m attempting to send a magic link server-side with the .net client.
I notice the generated link does not contain state and nonce params.
It results in a failed login “Missing required parameter: nonce”

I welcome some pointers.

Here is the code I’m using

        public async Task SendMagicLink(Person person)
            string domain = Configuration["Auth0:Domain"];
            var authApi = new AuthenticationApiClient(domain);
            var passwordlessEmailRequest = new PasswordlessEmailRequest
                Type = PasswordlessEmailRequestType.Link,
                Email = person.Email,
                ClientId = Configuration["Auth0:WebClientId"],
                AuthenticationParameters = new Dictionary<string, object> {
                    { "audience", Configuration["Auth0:Audience"] },
                    { "redirect_uri", "https://localhost:4331/authorizing" },
                    { "scope", "openid profile email" },
                    { "response_type", "token id_token" },
            var result = await authApi.StartPasswordlessEmailFlowAsync(passwordlessEmailRequest);