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C# ManagementApiClient User UpdateAsync


I’m still new with Auth0 API.
I was playing around with ManagementApiClient
I see that I can update password with UpdateAsync like
var userId = “auth0|nnnnnnnnnnnn”
await mgmtApiInstance.Users.UpdateAsync(userId,
new UserUpdateRequest{
Password = “hello123456”
This method will not be deprecated, right? I know that the recommended way is to use built-in password reset flow that Auth0 hosted password reset page. When I’m creating an user management on our application (like Auth0 Dashboard), I can rely on this method for a particular group administrator to do the reset their own group of users. More than likely, the self service password reset flow will work, but I just want to make sure that this option is not going away. Since some users could also forget their email’s password, which is another problem of their own.
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I don’t think it’s going away, I don’t see any note on the actual API.

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@arts you are correct this is not going away. One point of consideration though. It is often the objective to reduce the number of places a password is being handled. Using this API endpoint means the calling application is aware and must protect that password. For many customers they are keen to avoid using this endpoint for setting the password of a given user. That said it is possible and I’ve heard no news of this going away.

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