Built-in email verification for Universal Login

Feature: Built-in email verification for Universal Login

Description: Currently, implementing email verification for users during the authentication process requires additional steps and customization outside of the default Universal Login flow. It would be highly beneficial to have a built-in feature within the Universal Login that automatically handles email verification. This means once a user signs up, an email verification link is sent automatically, and the user is prompted to verify their email before proceeding with further interactions. This feature would streamline the process, making the implementation of email verification seamless and more secure, enhancing the overall user authentication journey.

Use-case: We are developing a web application that requires a secure and reliable user authentication process. The nature of the application demands that all users verify their email addresses to ensure a layer of authenticity and security. With the current setup, implementing this feature requires using Actions, our own routes etc… which complicates the development process. Having a built-in email verification feature in Universal Login would significantly simplify the authentication flow, save development time, and enhance security. This improvement would allow companies like us to focus more on the core functionalities of our applications, trusting Auth0 to handle the complexities of user verification efficiently.