Bug: Rendering Bugs When Using New Universal Login Templates with Device Flow

Description: When using even the simplest allowed liquid page template, the widget content isn’t centered for the device flow, for /device/success and /device/denied screens, which makes for a less than ideal user experience.

If I remove the template entirely, it looks centered.

Another possible fix is for the white space to only be as large as the content needs it to be in every case.

Furthermore, the widget’s height changes between template and no-template for the device code entry screen. This means that when using a template, the widget’s height changes when moving from the device code entry screen to the success / failure screens.

(with template)
Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 11.16.19 AM

(without template)

(This is less important than the centering bug and might not be a big deal after all, I just brought it up because it was something else I noticed)

Use-case: We’re customizing our application’s new universal login using liquid page templates

Since it looks like they may just be (hopefully easy-to-fix) CSS bugs, if there’s a chance these could get resolved quickly, perhaps in the next few weeks or so, that would be great!

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