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BUG lock10 CDN allowForgotPassword option



If you follow the tutorial on Lock for Web/Overview, and copy the following code that is under “More Examples; Lock (Modal)”:
![alt text][1]
All seems to work. However, if you supply the option “allowForgotPassword” (‘true’ or ‘false’), the js crashes… I tried several other options, but they all worked. So it looks like it only happens for that option:
![alt text][2]
The errors that will be logged are as follows:
![alt text][3]
In the unminified file, it appears to happen in the following function:
![alt text][4]

Can this bug please be fixed? I’m working on a project that needs a modal without the forgot-password option.


I looked deeper into this. There was another script (RequireJs) that apparently caused the error. It looks like there are variables that get overridden, and then lock.js fails on that.

HOWEVER, now that I (temporarily) removed all other scripts, it still does not work as intended. With the option “allowForgotPassword” set to ‘false’, there is still a link on the modal for “forgot your password”.

So this is actually even worse. The option does not do wat it promises, and there are variables that conflict with other scripts (why are you using common global variable names?).

Can these problems please be resolved?