Bug in updating Tenant-level Allowed Logout URLs via Management API

Strange behavior noticed when using the Management API tenants/settings (PATCH) to update the Tenant-level Allowed Logout URLs field. Field updates with the correctly formatted list of URLs but breaks if I try using any of the Allowed Logout URLs … until I manually add and then remove a return to the field via the browser interface.

Don’t understand why manually touching this field would fix the problem but it does? Has anyone seen this or know if there is a workaround via the API?

Solved, it was a JSON format issue .

this works:
tenant_data=(jq -n "{\\"allowed_logout_urls\\":[{allowed_logout_urls%?}]}")

this caused the issue:
tenant_data=( jq -n \ --arg au "{allowed_logout_urls%?}"
‘{allowed_logout_urls:[$au]}’ )

Glad you have figured it out!