Blank screen after loginWithPopup

We are using @auth0/auth0-react (1.9.0) for a React application.

On for example Safari (iPhone 13), or any other browser where third party cookies are not allowed, we use the loginWithPopup function when a user wants to login or signup.

After successful signup in the popup window, I expect the popup to close and return the user to the primary window.

Instead the popup simply navigates to a blank screen with the following format as url:


This particularly happen on a fresh browser session with no previous attempts or cookies.

The user can of course close the popup manually, but we think this is a problem UX wise for our new users. Especially on mobile devices where loginWithPoup equals a new browser window.

Can someone explain why this dead end blank screen occurs? Or how we can avoid it.

Thanks in advance


Hi @mgscott,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community and apologies for the delay!

Are you still seeing this issue? If so, could you please provide us with a code snippet or example of how you have implemented Auth0 in your React app?

Does this behavior only happen during a fresh session? Or are you saying it happens on all sessions including a new session?

Yes, we are still experiencing this. Its occuring on fresh session. On second try in the same session it usually works for some reason.

I also created a ticket for this the other day, and sent the HAR file to your colleague as requested.

Hi @dan.woda - any update on this? We are seeing the same issue here.

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Great, I am going to link the ticket to this topic and I’ll update here when the ticket has come to a resolution. Thank you!


We migrated from Azure B2C and i wasn’t expecting this behaviour. How do we close this popup? It is a bad UX expereince asking the user to manually close the popup. What do we do to have this resolved?

Hi @KweekTransfer,

As I mentioned above:

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