Bitbucket deployment fails with error 403


we are using the Bitbucket Deployments extension for some time now to synchronise our custom login page for example. This was working pretty fine for the last couple of month. However, recently this stopped and every time the Webhook is triggered or we try to deploy it manually, the deployment fails with the status code 403 (“Request failed with status code 403”). This happens to all our tenants (we have three different ones), all of the sudden they stopped working without any changes from our side (at least of changes we know of).

There is no further information what exactly went wrong. We already tried to remove and re-install the Bitbucket Deployment extension but the error remains. Also the request logs in the Bitbucket Webhook doesn’t show any additional information. The Bitbucket user credentials are also correct, if we provide wrong credentials we receive a 401 error (Unauthorized).

Without any further information it is somehow difficult to really hard to get to the bottom of this error. Is there something wrong with the connection between Auth0 and Bitbucket or something else we could try?

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HTTP status 403 is “unauthorized” - your credentials are valid for connecting to Bitbucket, but you don’t have that type of access to that repo.

Are you certain you have access to that repo? Are you using your regular credentials or an app password? Have you tried generating a new app password?

Thanks for your reply! We at least figured out why this is happening now. Our administrators activated SSO for Bitbucket and so we can’t use a simple user name / password combination anymore in order to log in. Is it somehow possible to enable an Oauth login flow for the Bitbucket Deployment extension?

Ok we finally were able to get this working again but creating an app password for that user. Thanks for the suggestion using an app password!

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Glad you have it working now!

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