Basic question on setting up pre-production environments with Auth0

Hello, I have a question so basic it’s not detailed in the docs. What is the recommended (or possibly required) means to get authentication working for your private, non public, no access outside of VPN, preproduction environments? How do the redirect url’s, action callbacks, etc. work with that? Is there an example somewhere of how to set that up?

Hi @chrisle , welcome to the Auth0 Community,

I would recommend as a starting point to look at the resources here - Implementation Resources.

Follow one of our Quickstarts to implement Auth0 with your technology, and within the quickstart guide you will find instructions and the required configurationsto test and run on a localhost.
Hope this helps get you started! thanks

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Hi @nathan.jenkins Nathan, thank you for responding … however you don’t have a Clojure example … although I already have a Pedestal interceptor (since I implemented it) based on your Java sdk that is working if it’s exposed to the internet. QuickStarts also do not answer my question, nor does the documentation on setting up environments. It looks like they require public access to any environment you want to use Auth0 with but it’s left implicit.

Is there a means to get Auth0 to use a VPN for callbacks into private networks? For example, in the post user registration action I’d like it to call back into a dev project via a VPN and not open security holes by exposing my dev environment to the public so Auth0 can access the redirect URLs or URI’s given in an Action.