Basic Custom Domain Question

I need some basic understanding of what my custom domain should be.
If I am serving my application from do I set my custom domain with auth0 to or do I need a unique domain, like for Auth0?

What is the recommend way to name this?

Thank You.

Hi there !

The custom domain you select will be used to represent/access your Auth0 service endpoints. This means that in general, you will want to select a subdomain of your own domain as login/access management is just a part of your online presence. Typically the parent domain is reserved for a landing page. Given this, a usual selection for custom domain will be login.mydomain, auth.mydomain, etc.

Hope this helps!

It does, I need a specific domain for landing. thanks.

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No problem, happy to help!

One follow up, kinda related. After I have the domain verified, in order for DNS to point to it, if I am using AWS, I have to create a cloudfront distribution to redirect to it?

Do I have that right? I can’t just have a dns record pointing to you?

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