Automatic sign-in to third party app after logging in using Embedded Login

Hi, we have 2 different applications in our Auth0 tenant.
First is a React App for which we have used embedded login via auth0-lock and a custom domain. The second is a third-party application which we have setup using SAML configurations via the SAML2 Web App AddOn and which shows the Universal login page.

Now we want to add a hyperlink and navigate to this third party app from our React app without having to relogin to the third-party app.

How can we achieve this? Have read thru a few articles here but they seem to suggested that using SSO with Embed logins is not possible (Seamless SSO without showing Auth0 lock widget - #2 by joseantonio.rey)? Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Hi @anil.kamath,

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There isn’t an easy way to do SSO between your embedded login pages. This is outlined in the Centralized Universal Login vs. Embedded Login doc.

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Thank you for your help @dan.woda :slight_smile:

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