Question about moving from Universal Login to Embedded Login

how can we transition our React-based application from utilizing Centralized Universal Login to Embedded Login? Specifically, can we integrate both auth0-react and auth0-js SDKs to manage authentication seamlessly?
we aim to verify authentication with auth0React.useAuth0(‘@auth0/auth0-react’). If authentication fails, we wish to redirect the user to the sign-in page and use auth0-js SDK to retrieve the access token. Is a hybrid approach feasible, or should we rely on a single SDK for authentication management throughout the application?

thanks for the support

Hey @meni welcome to the community!

Hmm I’m not entirely sure to be honest, this is an interesting approach. I think using a single SDK would be preferred, but I don’t see any reason you couldn’t implement both - You would just need to handle implementing the logic to present a user with the embedded option assuming failed auth in auth0-react.

Out of curiosity, what is the need for switching to embedded? I haven’t seen this done personally. You’ll definitely want to consider to potential pit falls of using embedded:

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