Auto select the Connection when daisy chaining 3 Auth0 tenants via OpenID Connect for SSO

We need to act as the middle service provider in a SSO solution.

For example I have setup 3 Auth0 tenants : supplier => saas => myid

I have OpenID Connect enterprise connections between each tenant and it’s all working.

I can get the first login to auto select the connection by setting authorizationParams.connection = saas but I want to be able to auto select the connection for the middle Auth0 tenant.
Is there a configuration option I can’t find or anyway to customise the universal login to enable this?

Hi @shane.nall,

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You should be able to do this with Pass Parameters to Identity Providers. Passing a connection param upstream for each tenant.

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Hi @dan.woda,

Yep support directed me here as well and using the upstream_params I was able to get it working perfectly. So thanks for the follow through.


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Thanks for the follow up!

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