Auto Login when using IP Address Authentication

I am using Auth0 to authenticate with a 3rd party REST Api Hosting provider. I only have the ability to configure the lock ala

When using the “IP Address Authentication” connection, is it possible to configure the lock to automatically try to login without requiring the user to click the button?

If I have a “IP Address Authentication” called “WhitelistTest” and configure a lock with

  "allowedConnections": ["WhitelistTest"]

It will show the below screen when trying to login, clicking the button will pass straight through to the website.

Ideally I would like this to try go straight through to the website without the user having to click.


Hey there @jjeffs, I apologize for the delay in response.

At this point in time using IP Address Authentication with Auth0 has been deprecated. I would be happy to assist if you have any additional questions as I realize there has been quite some time since this initial question was asked.

I will keep the topic open for another ten days unless I otherwise hear from you. Thank you.

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